AOE  ~  Award Of Excellence – Highest Award Given by National Club

Select  ~  Given a rating at the National Specialty Show

CH  ~  Champion of Record having completed the requirements of the American Kennel Club by winning the number of points required for completing Champion Title.

CD  ~  Companion Dog which is an obedience title – dog must win required number of obedience trials for title.

ROM  ~  Register Of Merit, dog has to produce so many Champions

ROMC  ~  Register Of Merit in Canada.

OFA  ~  Orthopedic Foundation For Animals + free from hip hysplasia


“Malcolm & Champion Daughter “Liberty Belle “


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American Kennel Club  ~  American Kennel Club | German Shepherd Dog Breed Standard

German Shepherd Dog Club of America

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Atlanta


Our first Shepherd, purchased in the Providence of Heinerburg, inspired the establishment in 1960 of Heinerburg Shepherds. Realizing the necessity and joy of sound, reliable temperament with children, adults and other pets, Heinerburg Shepherds has devoted 45 years to the careful selection of breeding partners while committed to the Standard of the Breed as written by the founders of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America and approved by the American Kennel Club.

Ron and Nancy Harper Mulvaney
Heinerburg Shepherds

Owner Terry Booten and Family – Trooper also loves to swim and go boating.

This is Lincoln, he lives in Mobile Alabama and is an Assistant Dog.

Pictured below are Heinerburg Bred Family Companions – each enjoys a very special family life. Scout and Ranger are littermates and accompany their owners on daily walks. Meanwhile, Trooper enjoys swimming and boating with his family members and their friends.

Scout and Ranger are just the best! My parents just love them,
and the dogs accept them as part of the pack!



Heinerburg Shepherds
1000 Cambridge Square, Suite D
Alpharetta, GA 30009

(678) 523-9940

Pet Air Carrier (PAC)

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