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AOE Select Champion Lothario of Heinerburg CD ROM/C One of the top producing stud dogs for 10 consecutive years. Sire of 30 Champions.

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Heinerburg Puppy
Heinerburg Puppy

Why German Shepherds?

The German Shepherd Dog came into view as I turned the corner. He strode effortlessly ... (more)

Heinerburg Shepherds Foundation

In 1957 we purchased our first German Shepherd Dog in Germany. His name was Ceno Vom Heinerburg. Ceno came to America with us and became the guardian, herder, and baby sitter of our 5 children. It was not long before Ceno became the most sought after "trouble shooter" for the quiet suburban St. Louis neighborhood known as University City. Cornell Street was filled with children of all ages. Ceno took his duties seriously and took charge of all of them. The bully had no chance. It became common for Mother’s to call, "Is Ceno out yet?" They KNEW Ceno was there to push any tricycle back on the sidewalk if it strayed too close to the curb. When given permission to cross the street to go to "Susie's house", Ceno positioned himself in the middle of the street until each child safely reached the other side. He got between fist fighting boys and licked tears away.

Ceno was the epitome of the true German Shepherd possessing all the characteristics the "Father of the Breed" dreamed and hoped for. Utility, courage, gentleness, dependability, agility, physical strength and beauty. He became the standard bearer for Heinerburg Shepherds.

As the children became independent a decision was reached; we sought a female to begin a breeding program. After months of study we purchased our first female, Bel-Vista’s La Negra Onyx, OFA ROM, from the successful Bel- Vista Kennels in Lebanon IL.Onyx did not disappoint earning the Register of Merit title her first litter. Our breeding program today goes back to Onyx.

All German Shepherds are not created equal. Our fun filled early years were also learning years. We learned all German Shepherd blood lines do not compliment one another. Heinerburg established a small breeding program based on careful study of bloodlines, putting together specific partners in order to produce health, vigor, dependable temperament, and beauty. Our small breeding program has produced multiple champions, agility, obedience, police and military dogs.

Contributing Members of:
German Shepherd Dog Club of America, Signers Breeders Code of Ethics, 8 yrs BOD
President, German Shepherd Dog Club of Atlanta
German Shepherd Dog Club of North GA
Atlanta Kennel Club, Former Secretary
American Kennel Club, Judge
Breeders Of Merit, American Kennel Club

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Heinerburg Shepherds
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