Our beginning


It was a beautiful late spring day in Weisbaden Germany. As lunch time approached people began to exit their office buildings headed for the many cafes and eateries located nearby. Then, a darker figure, moving closer to the sidewalk caught the eye as it glided effortlessly through the crowd. A loose dog!!!

The Black Sable coat gleamed in the sunlight. The muscles in the arched neck bulged from the grip on the handle of the leather attaché case he held firmly in his mouth. Spellbound we watched as he approached the curb and sat smartly oblivious to the pedestrians gathering at the corner. Then a business man made his way to the side of the dog and after looking both directions he sent the dog forward and across the intersection with a deliberate hand signal.

So began the introduction to and love affair with the versatile breed known as the GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG. How fortunate to be put in touch with a reputable breeder near Weisbaden where we selected CENO VOM HEINERBURG, a young son of the famous R Osnabruckerland line who came to America where he devoted his life to rearing 5 children, breaking up fist fights, escorting the tricycle group across the street, and making sure “trouble makers” knew he was on duty.

Dogs pictured from left to right:
– Son of Ceno vom Heinerburg
– Ceno vom Heinerburg from whence our kennel name came.
– Heinerburg’s Foundation Female “Onyx”



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