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Why German Shepherds?

The German Shepherd Dog came into view as I turned the corner. He strode effortlessly down the street carefully avoiding the crowds on the busy street. Loose dog I thought but wait, a loose dog with an attaché case gripped in his mouth? The Shepherd approached the cross street of a busy corner and sat with military precision; neck arched from the weight of the case. A businessman approached, looked both ways and  with a hand signal sent the dog forward and across the street. I watched the dog continue down the street with powerful, cat like grace, exuding confidence.

Dogs had been part of my life since memory was there. But never had I witnessed such as this. Must have one of those, whatever it takes. Casting aside the doubts that came to mind: how does an American girl of nineteen who neither speaks nor understands German possibly find one of these remarkable dogs? That is how it all began.

So that first Shepherd, purchased in the Providence of Heinerburg, inspired the establishment in 1960 of Heinerburg Shepherds. Realizing the necessity and joy of sound, reliable temperament with children, adults and other pets, Heinerburg Shepherds has devoted 45 years to the careful selection of breeding partners while committed to the Standard of the Breed as written by the founders of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America and approved by the American Kennel Club.

Ron and Nancy Harper Mulvaney
Heinerburg Shepherds

Heinerburg Shepherds
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